Legacy ATM Network Outage

Today, October 30 at approximately 5:43 PM, we began tracking an issue with one of our ATM switches that serves DSL to customers in the greater Bay Area. This issue seems to be dropping all traffic across that switch. We are working to remedy the problem as quickly as possible.


Update: The problem appeared to be a general failure of the ATM switch’s control interface. We rebooted the ATM switch and the problem has been cleared. All affected customers should be back online at this time. We will continue to monitor the switch for further issues.

3 comments for “Legacy ATM Network Outage

  1. Thanks, Jarod, that coincides with my outage but as of a couple of minutes ago (6:12) I can ping your gateway again.

  2. That wouldn’t be related to this outage – that was a no-connectivity issue. Please phone support for assistance!

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