Fusion Voice 3-1-1 Service

All Fusion Voice subscribers are able to access 3-1-1 services where available.  Please note that  3-1-1 services are available only in a limited set of cities.  For more information about 3-1-1, and the list of cities where 3-1-1 services are available, please see our wiki.

4 comments for “Fusion Voice 3-1-1 Service

  1. Mark, if you aren’t within a municipality that provides 3-1-1 services (very few, including Napa, do) then it doesn’t mean much at all. San Francisco, on the other hand, uses 3-1-1 to provide access to all city services.

  2. It could be useful to explain what 3-1-1 services are. For any new technology or terminology it may be good to assume most people don’t know what they are and spend a sentence or two explaining it.

  3. I can’t disagree which is why the post included a link “for information about 3-1-1 see our wiki” which, while thin, does also link over to the 3-1-1 wikipedia page. However, point’s taken.

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