Legacy DSL Outage

Tonight, February 5 at approximately 12:25 AM, one of the ATM switches that serves legacy DSL to the greater bay and Chico areas suffered a card software failure. The switch was rebooted to clear the problem, and all affected customers should be back online. We will be investigating this issue with the equipment vendor.


2 comments for “Legacy DSL Outage

  1. I actually thought it was a disconnect on my end, since the outage was only for a few minutes and was resolved by a quick power cycle of the DSL modem. I really love how Sonic.net both owns up to any issues that happen on their end and posts about them in a timely manner. I can’t even remember when other ISPs did that sort of thing, if ever.

  2. By some random chance I caught this outage and after verifying my router configuration was correct I shrugged and went to sleep, knowing that there would be a postmortem telling me what had happened. True to form, Sonic delivered a helpful explanation which described the known cause, the troubleshooting steps taken, and the plan of action to prevent further outages. No other ISP delivers this kind of transparency and support. Period.


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