Legacy DSL Packet Loss

We are currently investigating a packet loss issue for a subset of our legacy dsl customers in northern California.  We will provide an update on this issue shortly!


This issue has been tracked down to a failing port in our network. The affected customers have been migrated off of the port and their service restored.

4 comments for “Legacy DSL Packet Loss

  1. Is ” Legacy DSL ”
    the same thing as Fusion DSL ?

    Is ADSL or ADSL2
    the same thing as Legacy DSL ?

    Thanks; Larry

  2. “Legacy DSL” refers to AT&T line share ADSL1 service. This should not have affected any Fusion/ADSL2+ customers.

  3. Sonic has their own equipment within the CO of AT&T for your area. So if you are a Fusion Broadband customer, you will be using all Sonic equipment. They have total control over the system and generally are swift with issues that arise. Legacy DSL is contracted through AT&T, and if the network goes down, its up to AT&T to fix it.

    ADSL and ADSL2+ are different. ADSL2+ uses higher frequencies to transmit more data, faster, so your speed is higher than ADSL, which from what I understand, is what AT&T is still trying to sell all customers on. They dont have much competition, even with Sonic in the mix, to upgrade themselves.

  4. Thanks guys (for the information).

    I am pretty sure that I joined (a couple of months back)
    with ADSL2+ ? service … Fusion DSL in San Jose.
    When I look at my account it says:
    Data .97 Voice .98

    I know that AT+T owns (in some way) all of the telco lines in my neighborhood/area.
    We had to get them to activate the line.
    But I hope that nonetheless at the CO or just up from there we’re fully on a Sonic.net optical or whatever it’s called … sorry I am behind the times w/ DSLAM and whatever it is now. Larry

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