LA area legacy DSL maintenance

This Friday morning, at 12:00AM on July 27th, we will be performing intrusive maintenance on DSL aggregation equipment serving customers in the LA area. Expected downtime is less than 15 minutes.

Update: The maintenance was completed successfully and all affected customers are back online.

– Robbie and Tomoc

1 comment for “LA area legacy DSL maintenance

  1. Can’t believe you’re using HP Communications. That is a company that will do more harm than good. You probably figured that out since you’re at a standstill trying to cross Hwy 12. The have a reputation that precedes them. They’re on administrative probation with Caltrans in at least 4 districts and have been banned from Mendocino County, of all places. Add to that an investigation into their contributing to the Malibu and San Diego wildfires, crazy.

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