IMAP & POP Server Upgrades

Tomorrow morning, in our ongoing email server upgrade project, we are starting the migration to our new IMAP and POP servers.  This ends the year long beta and stability testing of a dovecot based cluster and we’re looking forward to be finished.  While we do not anticipate any significant customer impact or that IMAP or POP services will be unavailable for any extended period, some hiccups are likely inevitable.  Notably, some IMAP clients may completely re-download all messages when they sync with the new server.

If you have any questions or run into any issues checking your email over the weekend please check out or contact support for assistance.

Update: Sat Aug 25 18:57:41 PDT 2012.  The migration has been completed and all IMAP and POP (and dependent services like webmail and voicemail) are running on the new cluster.  Overall the migration went quite well but there were several short periods where some users may have encountered errors while we tuned the new cluster’s configuration for real-world load.  If you experience any error or issues please let us know.  -Kelsey

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