IMAP & POP Server Upgrades

Tomorrow morning, in our ongoing email server upgrade project, we are starting the migration to our new IMAP and POP servers.  This ends the year long beta and stability testing of a dovecot based cluster and we’re looking forward to be finished.  While we do not anticipate any significant customer impact or that IMAP or POP services will be unavailable for any extended period, some hiccups are likely inevitable.  Notably, some IMAP clients may completely re-download all messages when they sync with the new server.

If you have any questions or run into any issues checking your email over the weekend please check out or contact support for assistance.

Update: Sat Aug 25 18:57:41 PDT 2012.  The migration has been completed and all IMAP and POP (and dependent services like webmail and voicemail) are running on the new cluster.  Overall the migration went quite well but there were several short periods where some users may have encountered errors while we tuned the new cluster’s configuration for real-world load.  If you experience any error or issues please let us know.  -Kelsey

4 comments for “IMAP & POP Server Upgrades

  1. After 7 years of praising, I’m completely disappointed and quite angry. I just finished a call with tech support and learned that your changing your email server on Saturday was the reason my inbox went crazy. My system, set up by tech at, was to use POP on my desktop and IMAP on my mobile devices. Now, my inbox on my iPad is empty unless I go to deleted messages and I can’t find what’s on the server through my computer’s inbox because it’s all controlled by my iPad.

    This is not the system I set up! And no one, until today, told me to do it differently!!!

    I travel a great deal and use my desk top computer, as old-fashioned as you may think it is, to keep a record of my messages, business and personal. Unless they’re junk, I keep them on the server/delete primarily from my computer, not my mobile devices so that I can still have access to their content. As a result of your change, I can’t even see which of my current messages are on the server; they all look as if they’ve been deleted.

    It is not at all acceptable to change this without notification of the potential impact. I know you’re very proud of your innovations but I’ve been a loyal customer for 7 years, referred three people to you, consistently given good feedback about tech support and I feel royally screwed by this.

    I’m supposed to leave for vacation early Thursday morning and have basically very little time to deal with this before I go. I’ve always supported and only subscribed to small ISPs – before you, an outfit called – but you can be sure I will be looking for another when I return. And also posting about your changing email servers without any notification about how it might impact current subscribers.

  2. My emails from my IMAP account are all showing as being read when I receive them. If they are directly fed to my computer, they are listed as unread. The issue appears to be when the emails sit on the Sonic server for an unknown period of time. Very annoying and frustrating. I would appreciate it if someone could look into it, as I am sure that I am not the only customer with this problem. Thanks!

  3. I sounds like you are probably also accessing your mail via POP3. The easiest solution is to change that so you are only accessing your mail via IMAP. If this isn’t the case, please get a hold of support or post over in the forums.

  4. Art, my problem was finally resolved by a great tech support guy named Ry, who reset the options/ports in my POP account…a fix unknown to the first tech, who basically told me I’d just have to live with it if I insisted on combining IMAP & POP. See if you can reach him. It looks like sonic, in its zeal to innovate, has made IMAP the default & POP the unwanted child.

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