Emergency Router Maintenace

Today, September 17, at 5:22PM, a blade in one of our core routers stopped passing traffic. All traffic immediately switched to redundant links, however Fusion/FlexLink voice customers may have experienced a dropped call.

– Tomoc, Tim, Robbie and Nathan

Update: We will be performing emergency maintenance on one of our core routers tonight, September 17th, at midnight. We do not expect any customer impact as a result of this operation.

Update 2: We have replaced the suspected failing blade. There was no impact to customer voice calls.

2 comments for “Emergency Router Maintenace

  1. Set up router today & cannot get Internet svc. Wifi is on but no Internet svc…
    Phone no 415-580-8282. Email address above.
    Thank you.

    Vince Di Biase

  2. Please Note: Blog comments are not intended as a direct support contact. If you are having a technical problem, or something equally time-sensitive, please contact Sonic.net Support by sending an email to support@sonic.net or calling 707-547-3400 (phones open 6am-11pm M-F, 8am-10pm weekends).

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