Legacy DSL Outage

At around 7PM this evening an aggregation device that serves a subset of legacy DSL subscribers in the  Bay Area became unresponsive. The device was reloaded and service was restored by 7:15PM. We are investigating the cause of the issue further to ensure it does not happen again.


2 comments for “Legacy DSL Outage

  1. I’m an indirect customer of this DSL router, resold via lmi.net… anyways, the last couple days my performance has been sketchy (ssh sessions would have erratic delays, things like that), and after this reboot or whatever, it seems solid again.

    I wonder if there’s any relation?

  2. John,

    It’s possible the behavior you saw was related. We are still working to determine if further corrective action will be needed to prevent another occurrence. If you see any further problems please contact Support as soon as possible.


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