Facebook is back up.

Yes indeed — for whatever reason, Facebook.com is down.

There are a couple of places to verify this, independent of Sonic.net:



(Please note that these sites, too, will be sporatic, as everybody checks to see if Facebook is, indeed, down.)

These things happen sometimes, and I’m sure they appreciate your patience as they scramble like crazed bunnies to fix things. 🙂


Update: Facebook.com is back up.


3 comments for “Facebook is back up.

  1. Dear Scott,

    In the future please refrain from posting both good news and bad news in the same posting.

    Reading the exciting and positive news that Facebook had gone down I felt elated and, in a small way, liberated. Discovering that Facebook had recovered when reading the last sentence of your otherwise excellent post shattered all you had built up in me, and I’ll find it tough to forgive.
    I will, in the future, be keeping my eye on you…

  2. I will admit to some schadenfreude in seeing them drop off the net, as well as wondering if this was some incident like that back in the days of Internet yore — such as the time a hapless ISP announced that a good portion of the Internet was available over their T1. And I’m getting grief for having MOTD’d this after “only” 10 minutes of down time.

    But I’d rather edge toward the side of caution, rather than having folks blame us for facebook’s mishap. Nevertheless, I’m getting grief for having said anything at all…and maybe they’re right. Why do we care if some random site “out there” goes down?

    Now, I know your post was tongue-in-cheek, but I can see your position. I can also consider the fact that a network is useless without nodes at either end to talk to.

    One thing is for sure, though: We need to be making more MOTD entries — even for minor incidents, and even when we have _good_ news to report.

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