Mail Cluster Degraded Performance

At approximated 17:15 this evening, one of the 4 clustered enterprise class filers that handles email storage started to show unexplained high CPU utilization leading to slow I/O performance.  This may have resulted in slow interactive performance or even some timed-out connections for POP3 or IMAP for approximately 25% of our users. 15 minutes later we issued a partner takeover, and a few minutes after that, a partner giveback to affect as clean a reboot of the affected system.  At this time things seem to be behaving normally but we are keeping a close eye on these systems.

-Kelsey and Nathan

Update:  This issue is ongoing and we are working to resolve.  We have no ETR at this time.  -Kelsey

Update:  We believe we have identified the source of the problem and resolved it for the time being.  It looks like the root cause may actually be a software defect of sorts in the IMAP server and not the filer.  -Kelsey

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