Legacy DSL Outage

Today, at 9:58AM, an aggregation circuit serving legacy DSL for the Chico area went down. We are working with AT&T to get this as soon as possible, and will post an update as soon as we have one available.

Update: This outage was caused by a partial fiber cut to a backhaul circuit from one of our transit carriers. Technicians have been dispatched for repairs, but we have not received an ETR as of yet.

Update: Service appears to be restored. We are working with our provider to determine the details of this outage, and how we can prevent re-occurrence in the future.


3 comments for “Legacy DSL Outage

  1. So… When does Chico/Orland area get ASDL2+ so we can trash AT&T’s crappy expensive metered landline service? :-). I love Sonic! I HATE AT&T

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