fusion phone numbers deactivated incorrectly

A small subset of fusion telephone numbers were deactivated in our phone switch this morning incorrectly. We are currently working to activate the telephone numbers for all effect customers.


Update: 10:40 am 4/4/2014 – All telephone numbers have been reactivated. Some voicemail settings may have been reset to default for the affected customers. We will be sending an email out to all affected customers.


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  1. FYI – Contrary to the last update, not ALL telephone numbers have been reactivated.

    I have fusion service at 7 different locations. 6 of the 7 phone numbers were deactivated incorrectly yesterday. As of 10:59 AM Pacific time 2 of them are still down.

  2. I’m on disability and it’s difficult to get my prescriptions refilled. I need them–now. I’m very angry and about to try ATT again. ATT phone lines never go down.

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