Fusion/Flexlink Outage

Today at 9:36AM customers in the San Carlos area area currently offline due to trouble with a router in the area. We are currently investigating the cause of the problem and will update once we have an ETR.

-Tim J.


Update: 10:50am We have a technician being dispatch to the central office ETA 12:50pm

Update: 1:26pm Our technician is on site and replacing the failed piece of equipment. ETR 2:00pm

Update: 1:54pm – Service restored as of 1:45PM PDT.

8 comments for “Fusion/Flexlink Outage

  1. This is pretty serious, guys. Internet and POTS are both down. I can ping my gateway IP, so some piece of the DSLAM is up, but nothing routes beyond that. On the POTS side, I get dialtone, but all outgoing calls result in a trunk-busy signal.

    I will be very interested to read a post-mortem of this incident.

  2. Hm I just reset my modem to make sure but I still can’t get out. I can ping my gateway and that’s it. I guess will call you guys after you open up in 27 minutes 🙂

  3. I am still having trouble with the Internet Connection. I am not able to connect. Am I the only one?

  4. THanks for posting updates guys. This is the kind of thing that made me switxh from ATT. They had no updates and didnt give a damn.

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