DNS Server Issues

For the past couple of hours we’ve been having issues with our DNS servers.  We just identified the source of the problem and should have it completely resolved in a few minutes.  As it turns out, this was a variance on the attacks that have caused us trouble in the past and was escaping the notice of our automated systems.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!

-Kelsey, William, Tomoc and Tim


10 comments for “DNS Server Issues

  1. Thank you for the update. A notice about 40 mins ago would have been helpful as I was troubleshooting my local network unnecessarily.

  2. Words cannot express my relief in finding that it wasn’t my computer (in spite of it’s having daily backup).

    Thank you for fixing the problem and for letting us know its source.

  3. Paul, you’re absolutely right. I should have got a notice out sooner. We try to get notices out as quickly as possible but can get caught up in trying to fix the problem itself.

  4. Thanks for this update. This kind of communication is one reason we stick with you locals rather than getting a fatter pipe from the evil cable company…

  5. Great to hear this is getting cleared up. On the bright side it finally motivated me to add to my list of DNS servers as a backup

  6. I am having problems connecting to the internet right now. Can’t get pass the pppoe authentication. Is this the reason why? It just stopped working all of a sudden. Do I have to call to get this fixed ?

  7. I too spent time troubleshooting, particularly since I had just updated my Macbook Air a couple hours earlier with a patch I believe was related to something network-y and had been deep into a major homework assignment. When I couldn’t reach helpdesk by phone and saw there were 38 people waiting to call, it made me lean towards “this isn’t me” and I exercised and prepped dinner earlier than planned. (I also emailed support, though I felt foolish doing so, since it was pretty obvious I wasn’t alone in having issues.) I too lean towards “let us know earlier” just so I can go on with other things. Thanks for bringing it back up.

  8. Sorry. Could this be related to me visiting the EFF and THOR websites via sonic last night?

  9. Me too on the above; I eventually tried calling: 510 and 707 numbers got dead air, nothing at all, 888 number got “all networks are busy” — which led me to conclude the problem wasn’t my home wiring.

    I checked, didn’t see a pillar of smoke rising on the northern horizon, decided Santa Rosa hadn’t been hit by an asteroid, and went out and weeded the garden til things came back.

    But I did spend quite a while wondering …

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