Fusion/FlexLink Outage

Today, August 3, starting at 5:20pm, links serving Fusion/FlexLink customers in the Fort Brag and Mendocino areas went down. We are currently investigating the issue and will update as soon as we have more information.

Update: A traffic accident in Mendocino caused a fiber cut that appears to be the root cause of this outage. Still no ETR, but we will update as more information becomes available.

Update: AT&T has found the cable cut and has dispatched to start repairs. They will attempt to pull slack in the cable in order to restore service tonight, however there is no ETR until the extent of the damage has been fully assessed.

Update: A splice team is on site with an ETR of 7:15am

Update: AT&T has encountered trouble while restoring service with a new ETR of 10:45am

Update: AT&T splicers are still working in an effort to restore service, currently no ETR

Update: AT&T has discovered that the affected fiber cable was damaged in more than one place. They are currently working to repair the additional damage.

Update (9:25pm): AT&T has notified us that they are currently working on our fiber spans

Update: (12:52am): AT&T was unable to use existing damaged cable, and has an ETA of 3:00am for 6500ft of new cable so they can begin splicing

Update (9:57am): AT&T has located cable and brought it onto the job site. Latest ETR is 4:00pm

Update (2:53pm): Service appears to be restored, however we have not received confirmation from AT&T that our circuits are stable. We will update again as soon as any additional information is available.

Update (11:26pm): At 11:15pm, connectivity was lost for approximately 10 minutes while finalizing repairs. Redundant circuits have been restored and we do not anticipate any further service interruption. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience. – Tomoc and the Sonic Team


4 comments for “Fusion/FlexLink Outage

  1. 4 spans of fiber damaged by an, assumably, overloaded logging truck. Sonic’s 911 trunks are down as are 611. Voip and internet is down also from Comcast. Verizon is on extended network. Extensive damage done to the fiber. Will need to be replaced, not repaired. May be more than a day. Repeat 911 down!! Alternate number works. 707-964-0200 to get dispatch. Please tell local radio stations to announce alternate telephone number. See if ATT can reroute your trunks over microwave. My partner is recovering in bed from spinal surgery and would like to have 911 access. Please let us know when it is restored.

  2. Could you guys please indicate your updates with a timestamp? It’s hard to know when updates were posted, and the last time listed was 10:45am.

  3. Thanks for the updates Sonic! – please keep them up!
    I know that a multi-break in telco lines can be mind bending to find and repair back to %100.
    So, a big thanks to ALL of the crews working on these issues. I am sure that it is hard work with so much foo-bared cable – They just need huge spot lights out there to fix it in the dark – heheh I wish!

    Thanks again Sonic, for the good work and the updates.

    8:45 PM


  4. This accident should not have affected the wellbeing of our coastal community. Presently the 911 call center for Mendo county is located in Ukiah. Sonic or anyone else that provides telephone services should be required by law to provide service diversity for their 911 trunks. Nothing less is acceptable. ATT presently provides full diversity for their 911 trunks as well as their voice and internet services. If there is an outage, service is automatically rerouted over another independent route. It’s simply a matter of the willingness of Sonic (or maybe their bottom line?) to provide this essential feature to their services. I would suggest interested parties to pursue this avenue rather than bashing ATT for not fixing this fast enough.

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