Legacy DSL Outage LA Area

Update( 7:58 PM): While the issue turned out to be bigger than expected, all affected customers should now be online.

A small portion of legacy DSL customers in the LA area are currently offline due to a possible atm port failure. We are currently in the process of migrating customers off of the affected device.

– Robbie

9 comments for “Legacy DSL Outage LA Area

  1. How long is the expected downtime? It’s especially frustrating since your tech support is closed today.

  2. Hi Bob,

    I’m currently waiting for a local technician in the area to perform the physical work necessary to facilitate the migration of the affected customers over to new equipment. This process is generally pretty quick and downtime should be less than 30 minutes from that point.

  3. Yes, this is very frustrating. I’m in the Inland Empire and my sonic.net internet DSL connection is down. My router shows good uplink/downlink for DSL on my copper to the CO. No party here for this loyal sonic.net customer. I have to use an ATT mobile link as backup.

  4. I’m a long time satisfied customer but this is really lame. Why didn’t I get an email notification that this was going to happen? And why is no one manning the customer service lines? You guys used to be so epic with customer service! But a 20 year anniversary is a really bad excuse to have no one handle the calls or receive notification. I’m genuinely surprised at this fumble. I’ve beeen without service for over an hour and I was right in the middle of uploading files for my job. What is the current status?

  5. Even more reason to expand Fusion, ATT is useless. Are they still on their coffee break? It’s almost 1-1/2 hours since I’ve been down

  6. Getting on two hours with no service now.

    Yep, it would be nice to have Fusion out here.

  7. My internet is back up. Thanks for fixing it. Gawd that long downtime was inconvenient though, particularly at a peak time period.

  8. amateur hour! first you close for a picnic then you still have your lame away message playing almost 2 hours after you’ve said you’ll be opening for business again. I guess i will have to start looking for an ISP that has 24 hour callcenter outsourced to india, mexico, and the philippines. but seriously, whats happening to the service and attention to detail that I signed on and became a big fan of?

  9. david: you nailed it. it’s rare that i’ve ever used Sonic.net’s customer service, but when I did it was awesome in that it was responsive, informative and helpful. until yesterday. i hope this was just an isolated incident and not an indicator of what this ISP is becoming. i was truly surprised that serviced dropped and then when i called to hear “oh we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary and won’t be back in the office until tomorrow!” that was really, really lame. happy birthday guys, but don’t be lame.

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