Fusion/FlexLink Intrusive Maintenance

Update (12:13AM): This maintenance is now complete.

Beginning tonight, at midnight, I will be upgrading software on a router serving Fusion and FlexLink customers in Albany. Expected downtime is less than 20 minutes.

– Robbie

5 comments for “Fusion/FlexLink Intrusive Maintenance

  1. I have internet and telephone with Sonic and they were out today 12-18-2014 all afternoon. Pls. do something!

    Ursula Clermont

  2. Hello Ursula,

    Please contact out support department for help with your Sonic service. They are open until 11 pm tonight!

  3. We share the same zip code (95407), yet your internet service is not available in my (our ) area? Is that true?

  4. We’ve been without telephone service for three (3) weeks now. Our internet service is a trickle. Please do something!

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