Sonic Telecom Outage

Tonight, March 13, at 9:39pm, a core router in the northern California telecom network stopped responding. We are working to restore service and determine why traffic is not routing around.

Update(11:36pm): We have isolated and routed around the responsible equipment. The equipment in question was silently black-holing a large portion of traffic flowing through it. Customers network wide may have experienced degraded or interrupted service. All affected services appear to be restored at this point and we will be working with our hardware vendor to ensure this does not happen again.


7 comments for “Sonic Telecom Outage

  1. tried to call but getting a fast busy signal so I guess your phones are down too or they crashed because so many people calling in

  2. Thanks so much for having a status blog! Again, you are the best! My outage started around 9:40pm, and after restarting my router, called it – and your phone lines were busy. Got on my phone and went to your website… Again, nice to know your team is on top of things. Friday the 13th, ho hum… Thanks again, -John

  3. Service dropped completely for about 30 mins., then came back up…but is slow and intermittent as of 2310

  4. I’ve been having connection drops every few minutes for the past few days now. Will this fix be addressing that possibly?
    I’m in North oakland.

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