Airport Business Park Fiber Brief Outage

Update(3:35am):Our transit provider has completed maintenance

Update(10:26am): We have confirmation that tonight, in the window of 12am to 4am, our transit provider will be replacing the piece of gear that feeds the ASE connection.  Their management team has guaranteed us that this will happen.  We have made some changes to try to minimize any temporary outage you may experience to the best of our capabilities at this time given what visibility/control we have on the transit link.


Update(8:54am): Our Transit provider was unable complete they work they had planned for.  We are escalating aggressively to get this issue resolved.

Update(1:53pm): Our transit provider is going to perform maintenance tonight between the time of 12pm and 4am.  The expected actual downtime is minimal as they are replacing an optic.

Update(11:05AM): ASE customers are also experiencing issues during this time. We are still working towards resolution with our transit provider.

This morning at 9:16 am we experienced a brief momentary loss of connection serving the Airport Business Park.  We are working with our link transit provider to look into the matter.



The connection appears to going up and down still.  We are currently working with out Transit provider for a solution.



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  1. We are still having outages here. We have had 6 so far today. longest one was 3 – 4 minutes. 7/1/15

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