FTTN Non-Intrusive Voice Maintenance

Beginning tonight at 11pm I will be upgrading the firmware of all ATA’s for FTTN customers.  This will cause the ATA to be temporarily unavailable as it upgrades for about 5-10 minutes.  The upgrade process will no initiate if you are on a call at that time, so do not worry about call drops.  ATA’s check their config every hour so most of you should not notice the upgrade till midnight.

Thank you


Update: Maintenance is now complete.

Thank you

2 comments for “FTTN Non-Intrusive Voice Maintenance

  1. What??? Sorry, can this be put into terms that non-geeks can understand — “all ATA’s for FTTN customers”? Thank you

  2. ATA’s are analog telephone adapters or phone to ethernet/VoIP adapters FTTN is the Fusion Fiber to the node service we are now offering.

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