Legacy DSL Outage – Lata 1

We currently are experiencing an outage affecting Legacy DSL and Biz-T customers in Lata 1.  We are currently working on the issue as fast as we can and will update as the situation progresses.

thanks, Brandon

Update:  The issue is now resolved.

Update(11:51am): I will be performing an emergency maintenance reload of the affected equipment tonight at 11:59pm. Expected downtime for affected Business-T and Legacy DSL customers is less than 15 minutes. — Tomoc

Update(9/10-12:20am): Maintenance complete.


5 comments for “Legacy DSL Outage – Lata 1

  1. Again, please post customer status updates in understandable terms. “…outage affecting Legacy DSL and Biz-T customers in Lata 1.” is not.

  2. Just wondering… What area is lata 1 for you? I think I was being affected by this last night – this morning but I can’t really tell from this post. Thanks!

  3. We have been experiencing outage since yesterday (9/9) and still ongoing.
    When I tried calling for support, there are 25 callers ahead of me.
    Is there still issue with your DSL in San Francisco?

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