Fusion/FlexLink Intrusive Maintenance – San Francisco

Update (2:00AM): This maintenance is now complete.

Beginning tonight at midnight I will be performing software upgrades on equipment serving Fusion/FlexLink customers in San Francisco. Expected downtime is around 15 minutes. Some VDSL users may experience a longer period of downtime.

– Robbie

23 comments for “Fusion/FlexLink Intrusive Maintenance – San Francisco

  1. But WHY? We were just finishing to watch a TV show and it went off. Since everybody’s sleeping, could you please put ours back on first please Robbie?
    A smiley to convince you > 🙂

  2. Just gotta say, I really, genuinely appreciate that you guys reliably post downtime notifications with time estimates.


  3. SF still seems to be down… cant even tracert to our office… both phone and data are still out since midnight.

  4. Still down for me as well. 6:30am Sept 17. 19th & Noriega, 94122

    Sonic works great 99.99% of the time though, and I am very much looking forward to Gigabit internet which I understand is being installed in our neighborhood sometime in next 3 months.

    Weird thing about this entry form: 3 bubbles below, 2 of which say notify of comments via email (duplicate)

  5. We have one card that didn’t survive the upgrade and have dispatched a tech for replacement this morning. I am currently searching for any other possible hidden problems due to the number of reports here. Thank you for your patience.

  6. Igor, I was able to find and resolve an issue that would have been affecting your connection, along with others served in the same area. Can you check your connection again and see if it is working properly now?

  7. 94122

    Phone and internet service is restored at my location – 07:15Am.

    A post-mortem would be nice, as I tried calling tech support from my cell phone at 6AM and a generic voicemail came on. It was the same generic voicemail announcement for over an hour, no live support. That is disappointing and Sonic has led me to expect much better from them.

  8. David, I was able to locate your connection and am able to ping your equipment on site. You can try rebooting your modem/router and if you are still having trouble at that point there may be some other issue going on there. Please call our tech support line if need be when they open up at 8!

  9. Thank you Robbie!!! The service was up by 7:20(as George mantioned). Love how responsive and understanding Sonic and you, Robbie, are!

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