At 8:30 am we started experiencing a large DDOS attack, causing most of our systems to become unaccessable. Our Network Operations Center is currently working to resolve the issue.

Update:9:40 am

We have blocked the large DDOS attack to our Santa Rosa Data Center. All services are back up.

Update: 10:45 AM

We have experienced some further trouble from this attack and have blocked the malicious traffic at this point.




2 comments for “Outage

  1. Hello Tech folks,

    I’m sure you have your hands full right now. If someone could explain what “DDOS” attach means” and what it means for us, that might keep so many of us from calling you.

    I hate to bug you right now, but I need to know what to tell my boss. The above notice tells me something bad happened, but not in words I can explain to him.

    Thanks for all you do!

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