Amazon Traffic Outage

This evening, November 18, starting around 5:00pm, Amazon began blackholing traffic towards the Sonic network. We attempted to route through a different upstream provider, but it appears the routing issue was too deep into the Amazon network. We believe they have fixed the routing issue, and all traffic has been restored as of 5:25pm.

Update: This issue appears to have re-surfaced. We are reaching out to Amazon to determine the cause of the outage and do everything we can to ensure it does not happen again.

-Tomoc and the NOC

4 comments for “Amazon Traffic Outage

  1. Blackholing is when traffic is discarded, generally by mistake, instead of being forwarded to it’s proper destination. The result is an inability to browse any internet destinations passing through the affected equipment.

  2. Has this been fixed? I cannot access Amazon Web Services from home (Sonic), but can when out in the world on other people’s Internet services.

  3. Hi John, I apologize for the troubles. The widespread issue has been resolved, but I recommend getting in touch with our Support team if the problem is still apparent. We’re available at 888-766-4233

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