Webmail Upgrade

Tonight at approximately 11 PM Sonic will begin upgrades on webmail.sonic.net during which time webmail will be inaccessible.  We expect the upgrades to be completed by 12:30 AM.  Mail services such as IMAP and POP will not be affected and https://webmail-beta.sonic.net can be used during the maintenance period.

Update: 11:55 PM.  The upgrade is completed.  See this forum post for details.  Please let support know if you encounter any problems.


2 comments for “Webmail Upgrade

  1. I like the changes in my web mail, except for one thing. When I go to FWD a message, the page is not big enough to allow all the text to be visible. There is no way to increase the width of the page. that would be helpful. thanks, AN

  2. Hi AN,

    Happy to hear you like the changes. Earlier I made a change so that on smaller screens the “attachments pane” takes up less room on the screen which hopefully helps your situation.

    If there still isn’t enough room, please feel free to open a ticket with support or post more details here and we’ll see what we can do to make things better for you.

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