Network outage San Francisco

We are currently experiencing an outage in the San Francisco area. At this time we are working to isolate and address the cause of the issue to restore services as quickly as possible. We do not have an ETR at this time but will provide updates as they develop.


(Update 12:06pm) Attempts to restore service remotely to the central office which went down have been unsuccessful. We currently have a tech in route to investigate. ETA is 1 hour, we believe we should have services restores shortly after.

(Update 1:53PM) Our technician was able to isolate the issue to two pieces of gear that had failed in the central office. One piece of equipment has been restored and a subset of customers served out of this data center should be back online. The second piece of gear will need to be replaced. There is currently no ETR on the replacement of the failed equipment at this time.


(Update 3:08pm) The second piece of gear has been replaced. Our technician is the process of upgrading code and deploying configuration.

-Mike T.

(Update 5:00pm) The equipment is all fully online. We are scrubbing through the customer configuration to make sure all configuration is back in place. If you are still experiencing an outage, please contact your support line.

-Mike T.

(Update 5:41pm) All services restored and back online. For lingering issues please report immediately to NOC.

-Mike T.

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  1. Do you have replacement gear on hand to swap out for the failed unit in your CO?

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