SSL Certificate Change

Update: The certificate for is still pending, otherwise all our EV certificates have been updated.

Tonight we are replacing our Extended Verification certificates to reflect the change from to our Sonic. brand.  This changes the content of the Extended Validation (EV) ‘Green Bar’ to as shown below.  Sonic. websites that ask for your username and password will always use an EV Cert belonging to “Sonic (, Inc.) [US]” moving forward.  Checking for this before logging in can help protect you from being the victim of a phishing attack directed at Sonic. users.

Current bar:


New bar:



2 comments for “SSL Certificate Change

  1. Slightly confusing, only in that: The old name was … The new name is …
    a) Sonic. or
    b) Sonic ? In other words, is that trailing period going to be on the name Sonic. ?

  2. Oh, I see (I forgot) that the period is part of the Sonic brand logo … has been that way for many months … I forgot about that. But sometimes it’s confusing.

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