FTTN Non-Intrusive Voice Maintenance

Update(11:02pm) – Maintenance Complete.

Beginning tonight at 11pm I will be upgrading config for all ATA’s for FTTN customers.  This will cause the ATA to be temporarily unavailable as it upgrades for about 5-10 minutes.  The upgrade process will not initiate if you are on a call at that time, so there should not be any dropped calls.  ATA’s check their config every hour so this process should not start until midnight.

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  1. Hi Sonic team, could you provide more detail on what will be changed with the ATAs? As I believe you’re aware there have been intermittent problems with them with some customers, they’d likely want to know if this is an attempt to debug or fix those issues.

  2. Hi Tony, last night’s maintenance was an effort to resolve the intermittent SIP registration issues with the ATA. If you continue to experience loss of dial tone please reach out to Support. They can be reached via phone at 888.766.433, via SMS at 707.800.4624 and via email at support@sonic.net.

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