Fusion Fiber Maintenance

Starting on Monday, February 13, we will be performing maintenance on equipment serving Fusion Fiber customers around the greater Bay Area. This maintenance will be over the course of the week and will affect the following areas:


Monday: Sebastopol

Tuesday and Wednesday: San Francisco

Thursday: Brentwood


Maintenance will begin at midnight and expected customer downtime is 15 minutes.


Update(4:49am): Maintenance is complete, however a small subset of customers experienced an equipment failure during the upgrade. Affected customers can expect our support department to reach out in the morning to assist in restoring service.

Update(2/16 6:00am): Maintenance is now complete for the San Francisco area. Some customer ONTs may require a powercycle to restore service. Customers in this state can expect a call from our support department in the morning to assist in restoring service.

Update(2/16 5:18pm): Brentwood maintenance has been postponed.


-Tomoc and Brandon

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