Call Quality Issues

A portion of calls to some Sonic telephone numbers are currently experiencing an issue where the source caller will hear a loud buzz similar in sound to a fax transmission. Our customers are commonly reporting little to no audio and a dropped call most commonly due to the source caller hanging up upon hearing this noise.

We have isolated the issue to be outside of our network and thus beyond our ability to repair directly ourselves. We understand the impact it is having on our customers and all parties involved and we are currently working with our vendors around the clock to escalate this issue as quickly as possible. We do not have an exact ETR at this time, but updates will be posted as they become available.



After extensive troubleshooting to narrow down which telco carrier could have been at fault and many hours actively working with the carrier to replicate and test the issue we are pleased to announce that as of 10:10am on 4/5/2017 this has been marked resolved.

The scope of the disturbance was isolated to calls originating outside of our serving LATA (722) and destined for telephone numbers on Sonic’s local switch. In layman’s terms; long distance calls. A portion of calls that traversed a telco carrier’s switch outside of our network were routed across T1 carrier links, two of which were corrupt. The noise itself was an amplified 60hz hum induced in some DS-1 signaling equipment that connected the offending carrier’s telco switch to the ILEC local switch.

The disruption to both personal and business related telephone service had a real and tangible effect on a portion of the residential and enterprise grade customers that we are proud to serve. From both myself here in the NOC, and all of us at Sonic; We are terribly sorry for the length of time it took to get the aforementioned carrier to acknowledge the issue and to then act upon it.
– Michael Tardif
– Network Operations

2 comments for “Call Quality Issues

  1. Has this issue been resolved? In the past week or two, I have not encountered the buzzing sound when I call my landline phone, so I presume it is.

  2. Hey guys,

    What is up with this issue? When can we expect it be resolved? Can you provide technical details for the technically inclined customers?

    It’s a problem for those who call us, as they think that the phone is not working. We cannot get important phone calls.

    I am tempted to switch VoIP providers.

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