San Francisco Fusion Fiber Outage

As of around 4:15 this afternoon, we encountered a widespread issue impacting San Francisco area Fusion Fiber circuits.  During this time, customers may have experienced reduced speeds and intermittent connectivity.  We identified hardware suspected to be responsible for the issues and performed emergency maintenance.  The vendor has been contacted for further investigation into the outage.  Connectivity appears be stabilized for all affected customers, and we are closely monitoring the situation.  Additional preventative maintenance may be performed tonight at 12:00 midnight, if deemed necessary.

-Sonic NOC

2 comments for “San Francisco Fusion Fiber Outage

  1. As of 730pm, internet still down in San Francisco.

    Power cycle doesn’t fix issues.

  2. Are you still having trouble? Were you able to power cycle the ONT? The white fiber box. If that still doesn’t get you up then you will want to give our main support a call.

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