WiFi Connectivity Issues Reported

Early this morning we pushed a firmware upgrade for the Sonic Pace 5268AC modem / router to a small subset of customers in the Bay Area. This firmware upgrade, in some instances, necessitates the Pace 5268AC be factory reset to restore full functionality of the device. EDIT: This firmware upgrade was for Fusion DSL and Fiber, customers on Sonic FTTN did not receive the upgrade.

If you are using a Pace 5268AC from Sonic and are experiencing connectivity issues, particularly over WiFi, we recommend you factory reset the device. To factory reset the Pace 5268 locate the reset button on the back of the device then press & hold the button for 15 seconds. The device will then reboot and your connectivity should be restored. NOTE: Factory resetting the 5268AC will result in the loss of any custom settings that will need to be reconfigured manually.

If after factory resetting the device you are still experiencing connectivity issues please reach out to our Support team.
Support is available every day 8am to 10pm and can be reached via phone at 888.766.4233, via SMS at 707.800.4624 and via email at support@sonic.net

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