Webmail Upgrade Announcement

On Monday, August 21st at midnight, Sonic will be upgrading it’s Webmail platform. The upgrade is expected to take no more than 1 hour, during which time Webmail will be unavailable. Our beta platform will be available as a backup and other mail services will not be affected.

The upgrade includes numerous improvements, including improved performance opening folders and reading messages. If you are a frequent Webmail user, there are some impacting changes to be aware of.

Please see our forum post at https://forums.sonic.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4791 for detailed information regarding the update if you use Webmail. You can also post questions, comments, or suggestions there or by emailing support@sonic.net.

The default layout has changed to be more functional on larger screens, including widescreen layouts. If you prefer to keep the current 2-column layout, refer to the forum post above for instructions on changing the settings.

In order to bring new features, support for Internet Explorer 9 and below will be dropped! If you use Webmail with IE 9 or below, it will no longer function properly. This change only affect users on Windows XP or Windows Vista. You can continue to use Webmail on XP or Vista by downloading Mozilla Firefox or an older version of Google Chrome. However, if you still use Internet Explorer 9 or below, consider upgrading as these versions are no longer safe to use and makes your computer more vulnerable to viruses and other threats.

We would encourage you to try the new version at https://webmail-beta.sonic.net prior to the upgrade to familiarize yourself with the changes and let us know if you encounter any problems using the new platform, have questions, or would like to provide feedback or suggestions.

– Sonic System Operations

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