KRACK Vulnerability

Early this week a WiFi vulnerably was reported called KRACK (Key Reinstall Attack). This attack affects many wireless client devices and WiFi repeater devices including cell phones, laptops, and wireless extenders.

Sonic supplied WiFi equipment from both Pace and SmartRG operate as wired access points, and as a result are not vulnerable to KRACK. No update or patch is required. But if security updates are necessary in a future situation, note that Sonic remotely manages all Sonic-branded equipment, so we can proactively push configuration changes or new firmware when required.

That said, your client devices may still be vulnerable. In order to protect your devices, we recommend that members keep them updated with the most recent patches provided by the manufacturer. Check your devices for updates, or contact the manufacturer of the devices for information and support.




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  1. The devices provided on our FTTN products operate as wireless access points so are not vulnerable to KRACK.

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