Sonic Telecom Emergency Maintenance – Berkeley

Some Sonic customers using copper based services in the Berkeley area may have began experiencing connectivity issues around 3:40pm this afternoon.  After investigating the issue, we determined the fastest path to resolution was emergency reload of the affected hardware.  This was performed around 4:10 and appears to have resolved the issue.  We are currently monitoring to verify it’s success.

-Network Engineering

2 comments for “Sonic Telecom Emergency Maintenance – Berkeley

  1. I’ve been having connection issues ever since about 2am and they still haven’t been resolved. I’ll have a connection for about 25 minutes, then it will be lost and no matter what I do, it won’t reconnect. I’ve unplugged it and waited a couple minutes before plugging back in, but that isn’t fixing it. Is my modem broken? Ethernet, broadband 1 & service are solid green, while broadband 2 is flashing green and wi-if has no light at all for some reason. Help?

  2. Sorry to hear about the trouble! That sounds more like a problem with that second line on your bonded pair rather than the broken modem. It’s likely a fault in the physical wiring either in the home or on the telephone poles. I recommend getting in contact with Support so we can rule out bad splitters/filters/cables and arrange to have someone come look at the lines if necessary.

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