East Bay Fiber Connectivity Issues

UPDATE: As of 12:16 PM, connectivity issues have been resolved.
We’re currently investigating connectivity issues on our fiber in parts of the East Bay with customers using eero routers. Unfortunately, we do not have an ETR at this time.

6 comments for “East Bay Fiber Connectivity Issues

  1. Any update on this outage? We’re in the Oceanview neighborhood of Berkeley and use the eero router extender and have not had internet since yesterday. Any way for us to troubleshoot to get it back up or is it still systemwide?

  2. I have temporarily swapped in the router you gave me with the Sonic service:
    802.22acVDSL2 GATEWAY
    MODEL: SR515ac

    This works, but at 10% the speed of EERO.

  3. When will this be resolved, and what precisely is the nature of the eero compatibility problem?

  4. They resolved this!! Two days ago!! You have to unplug both the devices, switch the in and out on your eero, and turn it back on. A little frustrating they didn’t post that!!

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