Sunset District – Fiber Maintenance

Update: 2:00AM – Our work was successful and customer downtime was less than the expected 60 minute window.

Tomorrow (8/7/19) at 11:59PM, we will be performing upgrades on equipment serving residential fiber customers in the Sunset district of San Francisco. Connectivity will be impacted for a subset of customers during the course of this work. Our maintenance window will commence until 4:00AM, but we expect actual customer downtime of less than 60 minutes. An update will be provided on the completion of our work.

-Network Engineering

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  1. staff,

    Thanks for the awesome service, and super fast maintenance on the Inner Sunset SF Fiber tonight/this morning! You guys came way within your service window as stated! I hope you are are well! Dane, Eli, Kavan, JDF, OPS, and whomever might be there from my days there as a tech. Thank you!

    Goats are the DSL!

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