UPDATE: Sonic Voice Mail Access Number Impairment

Update 2020-02-18 @ 1:39pm

Resolved: As if this morning, the access number for voicemail services on Fusion Voicemail (707-583-7700) is now routing to our equipment and access via this telephone number has been tested and marked resolved.

-Network Engineering

Earlier today, 707-583-7700, the direct dial extension for the Fusion Voicemail service stopped routing to our equipment.  This number is used to dial into the voicemail service used only for Fusion customers.  This does not affect the voicemail services for IPBB, Fiber, or most enterprise voice service customers.  In addition, this has no impact on the Fusion Voicemail’s system functionality to record new messages.

There are several other methods to check your Fusion voicemail.  The easiest being to call your own telephone number and press * while the greeting plays to access the login prompt.  If you call the number from itself, it will bypass the greeting and go directly to the prompt. If you need to access voicemail for a different Fusion telephone number, you may temporarily use 707-521-0107 in place of 707-583-7700.  And, of course, you can always access it directly in your email client using your sonic.net IMAP account in the Voicemail folder.

Update: Edited to clarify impacted services and provide suitable workarounds.

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