Burlingame – Fusion Fiber Maintenance

Update(1:23am) Maintenance is now complete.

Tonight at 11:59PM, we will be performing upgrades on equipment serving residential fiber services in the Sebastopol area. Connectivity will be impacted for all customers during the course of this work. Our maintenance window will commence until 4:00AM, but we expect actual customer downtime of fewer than 15 minutes. An update will be provided on the completion of our work.

-Network Engineering

2 comments for “Burlingame – Fusion Fiber Maintenance

  1. Hello from Burlingame

    I am a Sonic subscriber / customer.
    I have dial tone, but I cannot receive calls or make calls.
    If I try to make a call, I get a busy signal.
    Yes I read your Maintenance notice for Burlingame…but what gives ??

    Today is Tuesday evening, March 17

  2. Hi there Andrew,
    I wanted to first off apologize for the issues that you are having with your phone service currently, I brought up your Fiber line and it is currently showing that it is back up and responding after the maintenance last night. If the home phone service is still not working properly, I want to get a callback setup from one of our techs so they reach out to you at a time that you are available today. I was hoping that you could email us(support@sonic.com) if the issues are still happening, with a time and a number that would work best for us to reach you today.
    Thank you for reaching out, and I hope we hear from you soon.
    Tony Sonic Supervisor

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