Brief Outage

A device failure caused a brief routing hit, which lead to a momentary traffic hit. Traffic has failed over to a backup device as designed. We are investigating.

-Network Engineering

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  1. Our internet still isn’t working, so I’m not sure that the back up device is running as smoothly as you think.

  2. You are still off the air in north Berkeley.
    You are not answering the phone which has never happened to me before and it’s very frustrating.

  3. What time did this happen and when will it be fixed?

    I’m in berkeley. Our internet shut off around 7pm. What’s up?

  4. Still not able to connect, though this note says it should be back up. Not Internet light on on the router after a restart.

  5. FYI: I lost internet at 6:49pm PT and it’s not yet back at 7:24pm PT. Just want to clarify for you that “brief outage…now failed over” is not actually providing service. Thanks for digging into it

  6. I live in Berkeley

    Oxford and Eunice area 94707

    Our connection is not online yet. So backup is not working for us

    Is there an ETA?

  7. What’s the status? It’s now 8:24 pm and still no internet access.

  8. The outage is ongoing, but our engineering team is working to get service restored. We’ll post again as soon as we have more info. Thank you for your patience, Rosa!

  9. Sorry about that, Michael. We posted another thread acknowledging the network event. The outage is ongoing, and we’re doing what we can to get services restored. Sorry about the confusion!

  10. We’re working to get service restored ASAP, Jack! Sorry about the inconvenience, but hopefully your service will be up and running soon.

  11. Sorry about that David. We’re still here and working on the problem, but the volume of calls has made the ability to reach our support team tricky. We’re doing everything we can to restore service for you, and will provide an update ASAP.

  12. We’re still working on resolving the issue. Sorry for the trouble Patty, but we’re working on it!

  13. In potrero district in San Francisco. Still down. Tethering on phone. Slow like 128k due to connection speed. Need sonic fiber asap. Please get the fiber up asap. thanks

  14. Is there anywhere to get *any* information beyond the generic “We’re working on it” messages? I’ve been waiting for customer support for over 2 hours.

  15. Any ETA? We need it back up and running since we work from home and the kids are home schooling now. Please last us know.

  16. Not at this point, apologies Gautam. When we say we’re working on it, we really are doing everything we can to restore service for you. As soon as we have more information we’ll post an update. Phone support will not be able to assist you any further in this situation. Thank you for your patience.

  17. No ETA yet, but we’re working to restore connectivity ASAP. All of our employees are working remotely now as well, so we definitely understand the need, and we’re doing what we can to get you back online. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  18. We don’t have a timeline yet, but we’re working to restore service as soon as possible.

  19. Apologies Mary, this outage is ongoing. You’re not alone in this, but we are working as hard as we can to address the issue. Thank you for baring with us!

  20. My internet has been down since 6pm. Are you still working on it. I’m in the sunset.

  21. Hi Janice, we’re still working on this. Bare with us, and we’ll get you back up soon!

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