Sunnyvale Fusion DSL Outage

5:27pm: Network functionality has been restored. If you continue to experience any issues with service, please call our technical support team at your earliest convenience.

3:50pm: Network Technicians are on site determining the nature of the issue and are working to restore connectivity.

At 11:45am we became aware of an outage impacting Fusion DSL customers in Sunnyvale. We are actively investigating, and hope to restore service as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and will provide further updates as we are able.

-Sonic Support

3 comments for “Sunnyvale Fusion DSL Outage

  1. Traceroutes from non-Sonic providers aren’t even making it to which may mean that routing for the IP block is not currently being announced by Sonic ?
    Depending from where I start the traceroute, the last hop reached is:
    Telia Sonera

    Traceroutes from within Sunnyvale end at which is the Sonic equipment at the SNVACA01 CO/POP.
    Incoming phone calls get an immediate busy signal.
    Outgoing phone calls get dialtone until completion of the dialed number at which point they get a fast-busy signal.

  2. I live in Sunnyvale. The outage affected all my Sonic usages> Email, internet and Lan line. what caused the outage?

  3. No official word yet. Once we get something ill be sure to update the MOTD

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