Northern California Legacy DSL Outage

Update(9:30AM): All suspect hardware has been replaced. We believe affected customers should now be operational and will continue to monitor the situation.


Update(7:15AM): We are still working towards resolution with the remaining customers that are down


Update(3:03AM): We were able to restore most subscribers via equipment reboot, however a subset of circuits cannot be restored without hardware replacement. We are dispatching with replacement hardware with an ETA of 5AM.


At approximately 10:40PM, equipment serving a subset of legacy DSL subscribers in Northern California had a hardware failure. We are working to restore traffic as quickly as possible but anticipate resolution will require an emergency maintenance reload of the device. Updates to follow.

– Network Engineering

2 comments for “Northern California Legacy DSL Outage

  1. Our internet went out friday and was not restored until monday mornig. Attempting to get to the core of the problem, via sonic, has been like pulling teeth. Now, combing through your site i come across this. Sounds like a hardware malfunction, possibly on AT&T’s equipment, but because this is not a very straightforward explanation i’m just guessing. I have become increasingly more disgruntled with Sonic and your rather precious attitude about your company. your not the only game in town.

  2. Sorry for the service issues Leana. This particular outage affected a different service type than yours so we’d need to troubleshoot with you directly to resolve the issue. You can do that by reaching out to Support.

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