Fusion Fiber – San Francisco (Sunset & Mission Districts) Intrusive Maintenance

Update (10/20/2020 – 2:43am) Maintenance completed successfully. The service interruption was extended for a subset of customers due to an issue with the dhcp server. Voice services were unaffected by this work. If your data (web browsing, email, streaming, etc.) is not working, try a reboot of your router. If that fails, contact customer support at 1-855-394-0100 or email support@sonic.com or request a text via https://www.sonic.com/support_sms_request


Tonight (10/19/2020) at 11:59pm we will be performing intrusive maintenance on the last portions of our San Francisco Fusion Fiber network in the Sunset & Mission districts. There will be an expected period of up to 30 minutes of total connectivity interruptions as subscriber devices reconnect to the network during this operation.  The maintenance window is 4 hours.


4 comments for “Fusion Fiber – San Francisco (Sunset & Mission Districts) Intrusive Maintenance

  1. I still don’t have service and this notice indicates that I should have been restored by 4:00 AM. Please update. I am in the Inner Sunset.

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