Northern California Core Maintenance

Update: 1:05AM Maintenance successfully completed.

Tonight (10/28) at 11:59PM, we will be performing maintenance on core routing equipment that is part of our north bay ring. We do not expect this work to cause any customer impact. The maintenance window is open until 4am.

-Network Engineering

8 comments for “Northern California Core Maintenance

  1. I am not getting any service. Is this because of your maintenance work or something else? I’m in need of my internet to get a project done before morning.

  2. Lost internet connection during and after maintenance. Resetting the router did not work.

  3. I’m herr in Brentwood, CA still experiencing internet outage or down though according to your status maintenance has been successful. Should I just be expecting it to come back automatically at 4a.m.?

  4. Hi David, this appears to be a network event, and not something local to you or your equipment. We’re working to restore service ASAP, apologies for the disruption!

  5. Hi Steven, when we perform maintenance, we take a network snapshot to make sure that we didn’t break anything. Things looked good after maintenance.. but then something else happened, and we’re still trying to figure that out! Apologies for the disruption with service, but we’re trying to get everyone back online as soon as possible. For more updates, check out

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