Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville – Fusion Fiber Intrusive Maintenance

Update 2/18/21 3:08AM: This work is now complete.

Tomorrow night (2/18/21), starting at 2:00 AM, a small subset of customers in the Berkeley, Oakland, and Emeryville areas will experience a brief service interruption while we perform some maintenance. The expected down time is about 15 minutes while the equipment reboots. The maintenance window will be 4 hours.

– Network Engineering

1 comment for “Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville – Fusion Fiber Intrusive Maintenance

  1. 2/18/21

    Sonic Maintenance Pros,

    Thank you for these notices.

    Good as they are, they’d be clearer if you called the part of the date that post-midnight, pre-appr. 8 a.m. work will be done within, the “early morning”, not “night”.
    When I hear, on a Wed. the 17th, “tomorrow night”, I think of sunset to midnigh (so the LAST few hours of) tomorrow. Not midnight to 8 a.m. Thu. the 18th.
    Night can as commonly be from sunset till only MIDNIGHT, as till sunrise, per my understanding of
    Its 1st definition. of morning—which is not interchangeable w. night or confusion results, is:
    “1) The first part or period of the day, extending from dawn, or from midnight, to noon.”
    And midnight should be the start of a day’s 1st period, since all 3 astronomy def.’s of day there call it a 24-hr. period.

    So I suggest—1x only, of course—you say “2 to 6 a.m.tomorrow MORNING” in the above work’s advance notice—w/o the CAPS, perhaps.

    Thank you,

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