Planned Fiber Maintance for Albany

Hello Sonic Customers and Friends!


We will be performing a planned Fiber Maintenance on Thursday evening 4/15 at 10 pm and should have customers back up by 6 am on Friday morning 4/16.  We will be replacing a Fiber cable in the area that supports the backbone of our services. During this time both Internet and Phone service will be down. An email will be sent out to those customers affected. If you still have issues after the service window is complete please try power cycling your ONT. If this fails as well we will have Staff on standby at 8am PST. Expect higher then regular hold times .




4 comments for “Planned Fiber Maintance for Albany

  1. Dear sonic, you didn’t send me an email about this. Fortunately, a kind neighbor had posted about this on Nextdoor so when my internet went out at 10 pm, I didn’t spend a hour trying to figure out why or call tech support for help. Still love you all, but an email next time would be really nice. I hate spinning my wheels rebooting things and wasting time.

  2. Hi Lin,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. There is also notifications of our maintenance activity at as well.

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello Sonic. I’m not getting internet service. Can you help me out? Better to contact me via text or phone.

  4. Hi Mark,

    This has since been resolved – are you still having issues? If so, please let us know, or give our technical support team a call at your earliest convenience.

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