Telephone Reachability Issues

Update: 6/24/21 3:15 PM – Multiple inbound carriers have made re-routes to work around the reachability issues we have been experiencing. Due to the nature of telephone network routing we do not have control over how calls make it to our network. We will continue to collect examples, escalate, and test with the other telephone companies involved  If anybody continues to experience dialing delays when calling Sonic customers please open a trouble case with your phone company. We are actively engaged with Verizon, Comcast, and Bandwidth to discover which telephone carrier in the call path is causing these troubles.

Update: 9:37 AM – We have made progress with inbound carriers and our testing has yielded an improved call completion rate. We are continuing to test and work with other inbound routes to isolate and resolve any lingering dialing issues.

We are currently investigating inbound call issues to Sonic customers. The problem does not seem to be systemic at this time, but with some calling parties to Sonic telephone numbers. Symptoms include Post Dial Delay (PDD) after dialing into a Sonic telephone number, and occasional error messages played back to the calling party. We have escalated the issue with the call paths that lead to us and are working to resolve.

~Network Engineering

4 comments for “Telephone Reachability Issues

  1. I just tried from a Credo/Verizon cell phone in San Francisco. Delay was between 30-45 seconds.

  2. Thank you for the report. We’re working with Verizon to get this resolved!

  3. Seems to have issues with Verizon Cell tonight. Many failed reports during the later 9pm hour.

  4. If you’re still experiencing this issue please report it to our support team. They can be reached at 888.766.4233.

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