Calls not completing to Sonic

Update 2:55pm 3/07/2022 We were able to escalate with our inbound call provider, and worked with them to find a call routing problem on their side. We will continue to monitor the resolution with this. If you are still experiencing inbound calling issues please contact your support team.

-Network Engineering

Update: 10:00am 3/7/2022 We are still seeing instability with inbound calls to the Sonic network at this time. We are working with our carriers to resolve the issue.

Update: 7:00pm 3/6/22 We have been working with the underlying carrier to repair the issue.

Update: 6:15am 3/6/22 We are still working with our underlying carriers to get this resolved.

Update:  2:11pm – 3/5/22 We are still seeing some inbound calls unable to complete. We are working with our underline carriers to resolve this issue.

Update: 8:19am – 3/5/22 – an intermediate carrier on the call path towards Sonic has routed around the issue. Repeated testing and monitoring by Sonic over the last hour has yielded continuously successful calls. We believe this is now resolved. Please contact us you believe to be still affected.

Update 1:14pm – One of our underlying carriers has identified a widespread network issue, we are working with them to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

We are currently investigating an inbound to Sonic calling issue, from various carriers. Will update with further information.

-Network Engineering

4 comments for “Calls not completing to Sonic

  1. Hi, I have serious health issues and my landline is the number all my healthcare providers have to notify me. When will the issue be resolved? Thank you. And, how will you notify me that the issue has been resolved?

  2. Hello! Service should be restored. Please let us know if you are still having issues. Best Wishes!

  3. Hello! All services should be restored. Please contact Support if you are still having issues. Best Wishes!

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