San Francisco – Fusion Fiber Intrusive Maintenance

Update 3/16/22 3:36A: This maintenance is now complete.

Tomorrow night (3/16/22), starting at 2:00 AM, a small subset of customers in the San Francisco area will experience a brief service interruption while we perform maintenance. The expected down time is about 15 minutes while equipment upgrades. The maintenance window will be 4 hours.

2 comments for “San Francisco – Fusion Fiber Intrusive Maintenance

  1. I am a satisfied sonic customer who has a question: my anti-virus software subscription expired!! Does Sonic recommend that users have an anti-software installed in the user’s computer? If yes, what software package does sonic recommend??

  2. Virus protection is a good idea, though we don’t have recommendations for specific solutions. However, the virus protection built into Windows and Mac OS appears to be decent and may be sufficient for your needs.

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