Sebastopol – Fiber Intrusive Maintenance

Update(1:23am) Maintenance is now complete.  IPv6 has been turned on for this location and people are binding properly.  Please reach out to support should you encounter anything out of the ordinary.

–Network Engineering


We are pleased to announce that on Thursday evening we will be enabling native IPv6 support in Sebastopol for our fiber customers. This will be deployed in a dual-stack configuration that supports both SLAAC and IA-PD protocols. The process will start on 8/18/22, at 11:59PM. Fiber customers in the Sebastopol area will experience a brief service interruption while we perform configuration changes necessary to bring up IPv6. The expected downtime is about 20 minutes. The maintenance window will be 4 hours.

IPv6 is an important deployment as it provides significantly expanded address space. As the number of devices that need access to the Internet continues to grow, so does the need for additional addressing. For more information about IPv6, check out this link:

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be deploying IPv6 to all our fiber customers. Our SmartRG and eero rental devices are fully compatible and will work in their standard configuration.

We conducted thorough internal testing but are unable to test for every scenario. We don’t expect any issues, however, if you encounter anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

– Network Engineering

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  1. This is genuinely exciting! As Internet architecture enthusiast customer, I’m very pleased to see this come to fruition. This was truly the last missing core feature of the native fiber products.

    Route the planet!

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